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Journal 6: Holidays

Journal 6: Holidays


Hanging ornaments

On the tree

Laughing at old pictures

Icicles hanging from the porch

Days growing colder

Another year around the corner

You better watch out

Santa is coming to town

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Journal 5: Reason

Lost in a sea of people

faces are familiar

but no names

nothing remains of comfort

never ok

wishing for change

never being answered

staying outside

family too far

out of reach

never to be the same

friends not understanding

avoiding your confusion

like you want

but never can

you stare at the mirror

another face

with no name

waiting for identity

and reason

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Eulogy: Journey

Journey (Kaytlen Keller)


You must leave

For your new journey awaits

Walking to the unknown

With out me


One day I will follow along

And rejoin your side

But for now

You walk alone


Brave the new

As you always did

Make it your home

And wait for me


Don’t forget me with death

You will stay in my thoughts

For I’m alone now

Missing you

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Journal 4: Birthday

candles lit

on the cake
another year older
another year gone
constantly growing
never slowing down
living by the moment
have fun while you can
because you never know
what life has in store
and when it may
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Persona Poem: Home

Here I am again,

flying around,

in quest of a golden prize.


It is raining and cold,

I love this game,

but I want to be back in her arms.


Bloody hell was that it?

Hovering above his head?

I take off on my broom.


At last the other notices,

the metallic glimmer,

and the race begins.


Weaving in and out,

of the towers,

avoiding bludgers.


CRACK I hear,

and a loud wail,

my competitor unlucky.


Finally I feel the cold,

strong metal,

in my grasp.


Cheers erupt from the crowd,

gold and red banners seen,

I proudly adjust my glasses.


Back in the Common room I hear,

he IS the chosen one,

a true Gryffindor.


A smile appears on my face,

and my best surround me,

I have found a real home.

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Journal 3: Happy

So I really wanted to switch up my journal look for this week. Instead of doing one of the suggested prompts or a poem I wanted to talk about an Awesome documentary I watched while I was dying of a hurt back. It is called Happy and I would really recommend it to anyone interested. It breaks down the idea of happiness in today’s cultures and how to achieve a better understanding or how to reach it. American’s with all the freedom and possibilities we have are actually one of the unhappiest cultures around really only beat by Japan. Here are some interesting facts that I learned during this movie and like I said I really do recommend watching it.

Every person should try and do a certain “flow” activity everyday and those that do have been recorded at having a happier life. Flow is an activity where when you participate in it nothing else matters to you at that time. It allows you to escape your worries for the time being. Examples are playing the piano and cooking.

True happiness is usually discovered in the darkest of times.

*Extrinsic goals: money, image, and status = most common


*Intrinsic goals: desire to help, relationships, and personal growth = healthiest and proven to make you happier

Karoshi is a word created in Japan to mean literally worked to death because overworking is so prevalent over there that people actually die from it.

Denmark is the happiest country in the world.

Hope you check it out!

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Journal 2: Outsider

Watching from the outside


begins to hurt and break

my sanity


Nothing is ok

slowly melting inside

but I have mastered

the false face


All this time

I think it will get better

but it’s a lie

it stays the same


Never a break

dragging my feet

day to day

constant struggle to breathe


Surrounded by fake smiles

masking their true selves

never felt so alone

in a room full of friends


Hopefully the sun will come

breaking away the bars

of my depression

setting me free to live


I want the truth

people to trust

no watching where I step

free to run and laugh

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Portrait by Possession

Worn Love (Kaytlen Keller)


They are my everyday wear

like he is my everyday love

making me happy


Large worn shirts

been around the bend

loved and still kept


They hold me

like he holds me when I am scared

keeping me warm


Comforting me during the worst

letting me free during the best

like he does

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Journal 1: Milk

You make me sick

How sweet you are and wet

Your creamy texture

You are so good for me

Yet so bad

Why do you create such conflict?

I love your other shapes and forms

But when you are natural

I want none.

You are so delicious

I can’t stay away

But this won’t work,

Our love affair.

So I will stay with Silk.

Journal 5: Goodbye Brother

Person has to die and the narrator has to be a witness. There can be no miracles. You do not have to use given prompt. First or Third Person.” 

I lay there with my head shoved into my pillow praying for the ringing to stop. It’s three freaking forty am. Just leave me your drunk message and go away. Finally on the third call I pick up, fully prepared to tell this jerk off.

“Hello?” I say in an obviously annoyed voice.

“Hello, Miss Adams?” A male voice responds formally. Immediately my stomach drops and my anger is pushed away by a worrying feeling.

“Yes? This is she, may I ask who is calling?”

“Yes, this is Dr. Baker at Henrico Doctors Hospital. I’m calling to inform you that your brother has been in a terrible bike accident and it looks as though he isn’t going to make it to the morning.” I thank him and fly out of bed. I throw on a bra and jam by feet into my toms before running out the door, grabbing my purse as I close it behind me. In the car I speed towards the hospital swinging into the closest parking spot and power walk to the reception desk. A nurse puts me in the right direction and I head to his room. I close my arms tightly around me as I walk through the hallway. My eyes squint because of the reflecting white walls as I try to look for room numbers. It smells of cleaning products and gives off the sense of sterilization but the only thing I can think of is sickness and death. Finally I reach room 349, take a deep breath and head in.

He is the only one in the room, seemingly asleep propped up in bed. He looks fine, not injured at all but when he notices I’m in the room and he tries to shift over to see me I see the pain appear on his face. I bite my lip trying to hide my emotion to keep him from being upset. He tries to talk but it’s so light I can’t make out what he says. He looks to be fading fast and as he shifts once more the blanket falls revealing all the hidden instruments. Half his chest looks smashed in and red scrapes decorate the rest. Tears swell in my eyes as his begin to close for the last time. He puts out his hand and I place mine in it. He tugs it implying that I should move closer. I do as he says placing my cheek against his and he whispers,

“Since I love you, and we were always so close,” he coughs and barely finishes saying, “you can have my Star Wars collection.” With that he leans back his head and lets out his last breath with a smile on his face.